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Conval Athletics

Home of the Cougars!


Conval Athletics

Home of the Cougars!

Conval Athletics

Home of the Cougars!


2021 Tax Return

Spring 2021 Brochure

Brochure for FCVA Spring Sports

2019-20 Winter Brochure

Winter brochure 2019-2020

Athletics Brochure

Information for new and returning athletes.

2019 Fall FCVA Program

Fall program with FCVA Teams

2020 Fall FCVA Brochure

Fall Brochure for FCVA teams

Team Rep Information v2019

Description of team rep contacts, roles, and responsibilities.

2019 FCVA Spring Sports Program

Spring 2019 FCVA Program

2019 FCVA Winter Sports Program

Winter Program 2019

Homecoming Brochure 2018

FCVA Homecoming Brochure for FCVA teams.

Concessions FAQ 2017

Frequently asked questions for concessions.

FY 2018 P&L

Fiscal Year 2018 Profit and Loss statement. Filed August 2019.

2018 Spring FCVA Program

PDF of final spring 2018 Program for FCVA teams.

Team Deposit Record Jan 2018

Records checks and cash for a deposit for specific FCVA sport.

FCVA Disbursement Form Jan 2018

Updated disbursement form, effective January 2018.

FCVA Conflict of Interest Policy

FCVA Conflict of Interest Policy.

FCVA Internal Controls Checklist

Listing of internal controls for FCVA financials.

FCVA Bylaws October 2019

FCVA Bylaws - Updated October 2019

2019 Winter Raffle Donors and Links

All winter raffle corporate donors and clickable links to their business websites.

2019 Tax Return

990 for FCVA FY 2019-2020

2018 Tax Return

2018-2019 FCVA 990 and State Reports

2017 Tax Return

2017 Full tax return

2016 Tax Return

Full tax return for FCVA - Fiscal year 2016

2019 State Report

FY 2019-2020 Report to the state of NH

2018 FCVA Winter Sports Program

Winter Sports Program for 2018 FCVA Winter teams.

Preliminary Fundraising Results from 2017 Fall Calendar Sales

Preliminary results of the Fall 2017 Calendar raffles for each team.

FCVA Fundraising Ideas Dec 2017

Ideas for fundsraising that would benefit multiple FCVA teams.

Homecoming Program 2017

ConVal Homecoming Program 2017

2020 Fall Brochure ppt

PPT version of 2020 Fall brochure

2020 Certificate of Good Standing

Certificate with the Department of State - good through 2025

2020 Department of State Report

2020 Department of State Report

FY 2019-2020 Tax Return (990)

FCVA Fiscal Year 2019 - 990 EZ Form

FY 2019-2020 State Non-Profit Report

The Nonprofit Report required by the state of NH

2020-2021 Operational Budget

FCVA Operational Budget 2020-2021 School Year

Fun Run/Walk registration form

Registration form for October 2020 Fun Run/Walk