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Home of the Cougars!


Conval Athletics

Home of the Cougars!

Conval Athletics

Home of the Cougars!

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Welcome to the 2021-2022 School year! 

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Fall FCVA Concessions SIgnup

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Fall Sports Cash Calendar Winners

Oct. 1 David Cheney, $50! Sold by Hannah Girls Soccer

Oct. 2 Angela Bull, $100! Sold by Allison X Country

Oct. 3 Jason Way, $100! Sold by JJ Football

Oct. 4 Reba Wedge, $75! Sold by Emalee Field Hockey

Oct. 5 Ben Putnam, $50! Sold by Ellie Field Hockey

Oct. 6 Jim Clark, $75! Sold by Alex Football

Oct. 7 Robert Clayton, $50! Sold by Damian Football

Oct. 8 Robin Ellis, $75! Sold by Everett Football

Oct. 9 James Daniels, $100! Sold by Hannah Girls Soccer

Oct.10 David Cheney, $150! Sold by Hannah Girls Soccer

Oct.11 Elizabeth Roberts, $50! Sold by Jason Jr Football

Oct.12 Louise Cattigan, $75! Sold by Sean Boys Soccer

Oct.13 Leah Krasson, $150! Sold by Leah  X Country

Oct.14 Cheryl Visinguard, $75! Sold by Mattison volleyball

Oct.15 Nancy Jones, $50! Sold by JJ Football

Oct.16 Brenda Daniels, $150! Sold by Jake Boys Soccer

Oct.17 Rose Rugger, $150! Sold by Ethan Boys Soccer

Oct.18 Sue Partiala, $75! Sold by Dominic Football

Oct.19 Michael Gallagher´┐╝, $50! Sold by Oren Boys Soccer

Oct.20 Patti McNeil, $75! Sold by Kendrick Boys Soccer

Oct.21 Becky Phillips, $50! Sold by Ella X Country




Friends of ConVal Athletics fosters a spirit of cooperation and support among the ConVal athletes and the broader community.